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Slowing down to You

Slowing down to you is a life skill.

It is often easier to speed up, than it is to slow down. 

When life is busy-full with commitments, technology, pressured deadlines, and/or the weight of worry, we're easily distracted and energetically extracted from our body's grounded wellbeing. Some of us live in daily awareness, while others are 'un-aware', and so remain stuck in an unchanging world of survival focus. This is exhaust the body's reservoir of energy and closes the window shutters of self-awareness and aliveness.

The conscious act of slowing down calls for a mere moment of self-inquiry as a simple 'checking-in' with self. Not a big deal. More like cleaning your windshield to gain a clearer view.

How does one develop this into a useful habit??

Setting aside a 20minute time frame at the very start of your day is perhaps ideal, before the laundry list of things to do creep-in to your mind. The key for me, at least, over the last 20+ years, has been to make this time centered around thinking less, and feeling more.. So could be some gentle movement, siting comfortably supported, walking about.. The intent, even in movement is to begin to notice what you are aware of in your body. What sensory signals are presenting themselves under the layers of held tensio, and lingering thoughts.

Then, in your informal practice, throughout the day, most notably between activities, as in going from one place to another, could be from one room into another, or walking several blocks.., simply ask the question "how would it feel to move (or to think) with less effort, or focus on getting there!?

How would it feel to be at ease in your body as you move?

Could slowing down be safe enough for me to explore?

Slowing down is one gateway to the present moment:)


The result of this disconnect between the thinking mind and, the feeling mind (body awareness and sensation) simply make things more efforted and challenging. Developing a time ans space to just be with your body for a walk, a rest or an pleasant period to feel and gain present moment insights in how your body feels is a wonderful, free and nourishing daily prescription for daily wellbeing. A kind of personal and unique form of body-centric meditation. 


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