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'Lymphatic Awareness, a Trager Perspective'

Join Trager Instructor, Roger Hughes, on the beautiful grounds of the Nazareth Retreat Center in Nazareth Kentucky, for a new Trager ‘Elective’ class!

This first of its kind Trager Elective is Open solely to Trager Practitioners & Trager Students who have completed the Level 1 Trager Training


Dates: July 25-28 , Thursday to Sunday, 2024 (first day starts at 2pm)

Location: Nazareth Retreat Center, Nazareth, Ky

Tuition: $450, must be paid in full by June 20th, 2024

Early bird: $400 paid in full by June 1th, 2024

Payment methods: Check,  Zelle

Maximum class size: 16

24 CE hours, NCBTMB pending

Payment  method: Check, made out to: Roger Hughes, 5220 S. Greenwood Ave, Chicago Il 60615

                                         Zelle, 773-726-0570

Registration: Contact Roger Hughes at, (773)-726-0570

Onsite Lodging and Meals Contact Elisabeth Contadino at, (513) 470-5210


 About this class

 This new Elective educational offering will provide attendees with clear and practical Trager teachings in both tablework and Mentastics to address and support the body’s wonderous and sometimes under-appreciated lymph system. Group discussion topics will include contraindications, specific conditions, inflammatory presentations that clients bring, and the many benefits that the Trager Approach delivers to support and strengthen the lymph system. Each day will begin with guided somatic movement and open focus to local, regional and global body areas for the freeing -up of any lingering heaviness, congestion, and or stagnation. Time will be well invested in developing keener awareness of hidden held tensions and their unique patterning influence upon ‘lymph flow optimization’.  Guided demonstrations at the table will illustrate the ‘mapping’ and direction of superficial and deep lymphatic pathways, and their associated vessels, nodes, and ducts. My intention and passion in this new elective class is to give each participant a clearer and knowledge-based approach in meeting concerns,  in large part, related to the lymph system.

 I hope to see you in class for what will be a fun and engaging learning experience!

                                                                                                                        -Roger Hughes



Roger Hughes is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Somatic Movement Educator and

Therapist. He is a visiting Trager Instructor at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Silver           Spring, Maryland. Roger is a 1995 graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. In 2016

 he received the ‘Pioneer Award’ from the Illinois Chapter of the AMTA. In his   Chicago-based

practice, Roger works with clients who are looking for ways in better managing cycles of pain,

discomfort, movement challenges related to injury, condition, and or daily life. He was certified as a Dr. Vodder Therapist in Manual Lymph Drainage from 1998 to 2016. Roger brings his

 passion, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and infectious curiosity to all his teachings!

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