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  • Trager® Approach Session

  • Manual Lymph Drainage Treatment  

  • Mindful Movement Classes for Groups

One-on-one or Group Offerings 

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The Trager® Approach

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Manual Lymph Drainage

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Mindful Movement for Groups

Benefits of Roger's Practice

With 28 years in working with thousands of clients, a wide range of symptoms, and conditions, and the uniqueness of nervous systems,  I am  grateful and in wonder of working with the 'person',  what they bring, and what their body is wanting and most receptive to in their wellness journey.

Should you decide to reach out, or simply show up, this is what you can look forward to in our working together:



​More coming soon

Aromatherapy Massage

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Roger Hughes




Lincoln Park clinic

Shen Shen Health and Harmony


Housecall Service:

$180 per session (90-minute min.)

Chicago, Plus any parking fees

Chicago Suburbs, please contact Roger for additional information.

Corporate/group services Self-care and Somatic Movement Education workshops, or Professional Trager Trainings please contact Roger directly.

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