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SWELLING from cosmetic surgery!?

If you have recently undergone cosmetic, plastic surgery or liposuction and are experiencing swelling and/or areas of 'hardness' you might consider finding a licensed massage therapist who is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage. If possible ask the therapist if they can refer past post-surgery clients to you so that you can learn of their experience in receiving MLD. Above all find a reputable professional with experience in post-op swelling before climbing onto a massage table.

Manual Lymph Drainage or MLD is a gentle, precise, and a 'skin to skin' massage technique. No oils or lubricants are used. MLD should always be pleasant to receive!

MLD helps lymph to move at a higher rate and greater volume. This decongests the tissues and decreasing swelling. As is often the case with post-liposuction procedures, the superficial network of lymphatics (lymph vesssels that sit just beneath the skin's surface) is altered or in some instances damaged from the intrusive nature of the 'wand' used in the liposuction procedure. If the lymph's natural flow is altered it can delay or permanently strain this natural clearing process of the lymphatic system, ultimately slowing the overall healing process..., i.e., prolonged pain, bruising, swelliing, pitting edema and possible formation of scar tissues.

If you are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery or a liposuction procedure, receiving a couple of MLD treatments before the surgery will 'prime' the lymphatics and help to optimize your post-healing process, this means less swelling, stiffness and discomfort!

In my 18 years experience as a certified Dr. Vodder Therapist I have effectively worked with post-cosmetic surgery clients as early as 5 days post-op. Based on the type(s) and length of surgery clients typically benefit in receiving between 3 to 6+ MLD treatments to ensure achieving optimal lymph function and resolution of post-op swelling, edema and stiffness.

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