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Stressed lymph system??

We don't usually think of the lymph system as being stressed. It is however commonly known that enough bad stress significantly lowers the immune response and elevates the chance of

catching the latest strain of a cold, or it just might make you feel simply depleted.

Lymph flow depends on:



A note: Begin your day with a glass of room temperature water. Lymph is about 98% water. All your systems need to be rehydrated after hours of sleep.

Avoid sitting for prolong periods of time, and when you are sitting make it a regular habit to be aware of your breathing. Stand up every 20 minutes for at least 3 seconds to change the dynamic of all the important fluids i.e. blood, lymph, nerve, and yes the interstitial fluid!

Focussing hard? Enjoy a delicious breath, it's free!

Your lymph system necessitates low aerobic movement like walking, tai-chi, flowing yoga and other-like ways in moving. Tiny circular smooth muscles located in the lymph vessel junctions contract and lengthen as a result of our fluid movement and easy breathing. This muscular reflex continuously milks lymph throughout the lymphatic system.

You can also boost your immune system in receiving a short series of relaxing manual lymph drainage treatments!

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