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Freeing tension in the repository of breath

Momentarily holding breath as prompted by an event, life experience or habit keeps the body from realizing its full and freer movement. Recapturing a more natural and satisfying breathing pattern can soften and release long-standing muscular tension and make way for a more complete delivery of oxygen to the body's tissues.

Our character of breathing is linked to the body's baseline pattern of available movement. The more relaxed you are in your body the more likely you are to be breathing in a rhythm that is effortless and natural. Being with your breath gives opportunity to attain a feeling experience of ordinary relaxation and aliveness.

Upon waking in the morning, while still in bed, perhaps before moving, notice air as it moves in and out as you breathe. With each inhalation, do nothing more than witness the soft quality of air as it internally blankets your entire rib cage. Allow yourself to be with the pleasantness of your own breathing. After a few minutes, let your awareness broaden into a seamsless flow that connects the rise and fall of your breath... Now, with the same effortless quality, as if warmly invited by a friend, take several fuller breaths (4 to 5 seconds for each the inhalation and the exhalation). Practice this exercise each morning for 10 days and see if you feel more at ease more often. You might also make this a bedtime practice.

Throughout the day, in your commute, between thoughts, sitting at your computer, while moving about, riding the elevator, when in question, or simply for the meer pleasure of it, just notice how it feels to let your awareness escort your breath?

Most of all have fun in exploring active relaxation on the wings of your breath!

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