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The Trager Approach

Professional Training

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Level 1 is a six-day comprehensive training comprised of clear explanations, tablework demonstrations and structured somatic movement practices. Students will learn hands-on techniques that mindfully communicate ease, freedom, and positive feeling and functional states for receiver and giver alike. In a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere, students will explore and expand their therapeutic repertoire with gentle and informing touch skills that potentiate and strengthen the parasympathetic mechanism or relaxation response. In this awake state of conscious relaxation and open receptivity, positive feeling and better movement are collaboratively shared with the receiver, and habituated into practical and long-lasting patterns for daily life. Dr. Milton Trager’s psychophysical Integration and its safe, and ease-inducing process makes for an ideal gateway in cultivating positive neuroplasticity. Students will receive an electronic copy of the Level 1 TRAGER® HANDBOOK. Level 1 is the first of three ‘core’ trainings toward Practitioner Certification. Taken as a stand-alone training, students will gain therapeutic skills in informing touch, mindful and functional movement practices, and in the power of presence directly enhancing any current massage or bodywork practice!

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