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TheTrager  Approach


Somatic Movement Education

and Manual Therapy






The Trager Approach is an innovative form of touch and movement education developed by                           . Begining in his late teens, Milton discovered how his own movement and state of mind directly influenced how he felt. After more than 50 years of bringing profound change to thousands of individuals the work evolved into what has come to be know as the Trager Approach.


No heavy or painful pressure is used in Trager®. Paradoxically the work is felt on a deep level, or from the inside outward.  The practitioner will greet your nervous system as a friend and guide you into a feeling of deep restorative and functional ease.


A Trager session is pleasurable to receive and choreographed for seamless and meaningful integration into your work, play and exercise. 


Trager has an equally positive effect mentally, people often remark on how deeply relaxed and calm they feel after receiving a session.


Patterns of acute and chronic tension have the opportunity to experience a softening and settling into a more natural and rested tone. This process helps re-establish a new 'base-line' of self-awareness for a continuing freeling of freer movement and evolving empowerment.


The practitioner facilitates a positive feeling experience for the client. In a  pleasant atmosphere the client's mind and body are naturally receptive to learning easier and painfree ways to move and function.


A unique principle of this approach is the practice of self-care movements called Mentastics® coined from the words mental and gymnastics. Mentastics provide endless possibilities to seamlessly integrate effortless, fluid and balanced movement into daily activities. With equal potentcy Trager and Mentasatics can infuse a sense of enlivening and improved daily function for those afflicted with neurological conditions, see Indications, Benefits, Wellness in the menu above.  


The quality and expansiveness of your relaxed states have a direct and corresponding effect in your abilbity to achieve and live in a freer body and calmer mind. The Trager Approach® can help you develop this practical and empowering skill until it becomes habit!



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