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Tips into Patterns

The way we move reflects our state, story and structure. Our life experience is embedded in the living fiber of our tissues and shapes our continuing evolution toward balance, breadth and beauty.

To assist this natural human potential we can help ourselves with simple and inviting Tips to habituate Patterns that better serve us in daily life. Movement creates sensation, pleasurable sensation in movement creates a stronger or more rooted neural signature  for building new positive patterns in work and play.

 Tip #1

When taking a break from your computer, make sure you take a moment (at least 5 seconds) to separate yourself from 'the work/screen'. This will more easily permit your body to fully embrace moving up and away for a restorative recess!

 Tip #2

As a habit, just 'track' your breath with your mind. No effort :-)

 Tip #3

When walking, can you find an inner balance between 'levity' and 'gravity'?

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