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United States Trager Association
Roger Tolle, International Trager Instructor
Roger Tolle's website contains a rich amount of information including his teaching schedule, articles on Trager, beautiful and informative videos, and educational products for sale.
A platform for you to understand and speak about Trager principles and practices through the lens of science. Learning is not only about gaining knowledge, but applying knowledge in a direct way. You will have time for integration and your understanding will be transformed. We support the process of changing underlying patterns, deepening the understanding of your body, and the ripening of your movement expertise.
Trager for Daily Life

Classes for the public and other specific groups. Learn ways to be more focused, relaxed and efficient in your day-to-day activities and improve the quality of your resting and leisure moments. Habits can limit the feeling of ease in life. TRAGER movement and mindful touch release tension patterns and create healthier nervous system pathways.
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