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What people are saying about Roger's

Moving Meditation Class!

"The first moving meditation gathering helped me feel peaceful and grounded. It was perfect after a long, stressful day. I enjoyed feeling lighter and freer in my body and mind. I look forward to doing it again."

by RK

“This was fantastic!  I feel expanded and free, which is great.  Because my intention was to free comfortable moving in any direction.” By RD

"The moving meditations are marvelous, freeing up stiff and tense places in my body and making movement so much more easy and pleasant! Lovely people who attend and a really lovely energy and support in the room. The freedom and ease is still in my body every time I move days later. Looking forward to more moving meditations and the accumulative effect. Thank you so much for this offering."  by DH

“Very energized- connected.  Love the movements, walking, everything by Roger” by DR

“Grounding”  by CC

“My body is at ease, low pain, flexible.  I feel grounded, at peace at the moment” by LH

“Although deceivingly simple- this guided movement workshop left me feeling invigorated yet focused. I could have gone to boxing class or sat down to write a book! What an interesting place to be in mentally. A great tool for sure.” By CB



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