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Introduction to the Trager® Approach

Moving into a Lighter Way of Being

 Open to the Public!

When:  Sunday, March 19, 4 pm to 7 pm

Where:  Tribe, 1819 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago

Cost:  $25

Workshop Description
In this 3 hour experiential workshop you will discover how gentle touch and clear intention can give way to a lighter, freer more grounded feeling body. Guidance and explorations into self-care skills of touch and active movement will enliven your positive feeling awareness. This workshop is intended for those who are seeking ways of living more comfortably in their body. With a bit of curiosity and practice you will be able to seamlessly adopt ways in moving and being that will help you achieve a more natural sense of ease in your daily life.
I look forward to an afternoon of fun and active learning!

Please dress in comfortable and easy-to-move-in clothing.

To register for this workshop please contact Roger at 773-726-0570

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