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Trager Introductory Workshop - 'in-person'!

Massage Institute of Memphis, Memphis TN

August 3 and 4, 2024

To Register please contact Roger Hughes at



Early bird tuition is $350 by July 1st, 2024.  After tuition is $385

‘Informing Touch, a Trager® Immersion’

Seamlessly incorporate Effective, Pleasurable and Educating skills into your current Practice!

16CE (2-days) – NCBTMB-Approved - Provider # 021518-00

Teaching Objectives

  • Discover how active movement guides you to your rooted and rising center

  • Enrich your self-regulatory skills with self-touch

  • Deepen your kinesthetic communication with table presence

  • Simplify the intention of your touch to elicit a feeling experience


Learning Outcomes

  • Dropping into, and tracking your grounded presence in session (and in your daily life)

  • Communicating ‘somatically’ in partnership with your client

  • Integrating the practice of weighing and moving touch into your current repertoire

  • Adopting mindful, self-regulatory patterns when in session (they feel how you feel)

Workshop Description

In this 2-day immersion of the Trager Approach you will learn how informed touch delivers benefits to both you and your client. Class time will encompass Trager  practices in touch and movement for Self, and how these experiential exercises fluidly translate into meaningful collaboration with partner in-the-round and at the table. Structured demonstrations, group discussions and shared feedback will facilitate a fun and fruitful learning atmosphere.

We will explore how simple practices in movement, self-touch and pausing nourish sensation and mindfully bring us back to the present moment, the only moment in which we feel. The presence we embody and share is perhaps the underlying principle in effectively establishing a two-way kinesthetic dialogue with our client. A radical departure from the conventional ‘fix-it’ model, or the practitioner knows best view. We will use touch to meet our partner, and for the purpose of our partner to meet themselves. From standing, sitting and at the table, Roger will demonstrate and guide participants through different areas of the body with moving touch called sculpting. When we touch with ‘empty hands’ or with ‘listening hands’, we open the possibility for the client to view things from the inside. Weighing is a deceptively simple form of touch and movement that lightens common areas of heaviness and gives way to a lighter feeling. With the effects of gravity and its rebounding forces, attendees will have both practical and experiential opportunities in freeing up, restoring and enlivening areas of the body that tend to shelter more than their share of tension!

Join me for a fun and educational 2-day excursion into deepening your touch! -Roger Hughes 

Wear comfortable easy-to-move-in clothing, no thick or embroidered fabrics. Bring 1 bed pillow, a large towel/ blanket, bottom/fitted sheet for massage table. Please refrain from wearing cologne, perfume or essential oil, and that necklaces are removable. 


Roger Hughes graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1995. In 1999 he attended an Introductory workshop in the Trager Approach and never looked back! He has been certified as a Trager Practitioner since 2002 and an instructor since 2018. Roger has been a visiting Trager Instructor at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland since 2018. Roger brings his sense of humor, passion, and infectious curiosity to guide participants into natural and pleasurable movement and a feeling of agelessness. For more information about the Trager Approach® visit or visit Roger:   or  on instagram at: 

“Roger makes the space a safe place to feel” - Kate Rose, International Trager® Instructor

“Your voice is beautifully clear and resonant, and your simple and even pacing reassuring” - Roger Tolle, Intern. Trager® Instructor. “Roger created an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation allowing us to take in so much. This was a fantastic and informative class. Roger is an excellent instructor and a phenomenal bodyworker.”   “One of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”

More workshop student reviews 

Complete attendance of a Trager® Introductory workshop and receiving a Trager session from a certified Trager Practitioner, or receiving two Trager sessions satisfies the preliminary requirements for application into the Professional Trager Training Program.

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