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Class Schedule and Themes

March 18, 2021   Arriving Moving Sensing

Roger will guide participants in the fundamental principles of Trager® movement and touch for a unique somatic learning, enjoyment and as a natural integration into daily life. 


March 25, 2021   Getting a Footing on FEET

Feet are the foundation to our entire upright moving, living and biotensegral organism. Our feet help us effectively rebound due to the earth’s gravitational forces. Discover how your feet can deliver global easing, springiness and natural upward support!

April 1st, 2021     Dissolving the Mask beneath the Masks

The face is deceptively clever in masking held tension in the muscles of the face. These expressive muscles are very thin and are easily and positively influenced by soft touch. Come and learn how to groom your facial tension away, and see how this dissolving of tension spreads beyond the face.

April 8, 2021        Uncovering Natural Posture

The word posture is a loaded word. Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, chest out, or the cloak of “I have terrible posture” or ”I have been told that I have a weak core”. These negative and often inaccurate exclamations solidify the brain’s negative neuroplasticity, or the dark side of neuroplasticity. In my next online TRAGER® Movement and Self-care class I will guide participants through a thorough softening and washing out of the muscular fabric that typically impedes our true, mobile and natural posture. I look forward to moving and feeling our way into in more a casual, comfortable and rising posture!

April 15, 2021       Breathing and Moving

When ordinary easy breathing meets movement, a window of synergistic integration creates a space for a restorative process in self-awareness. In the next Trager Movement and Self-care class (4/15/21) ‘Breathing and Moving’, we will arrive into our own felt sense of what Dr. Milton Trager described as “A subtle form of breathing”. This practice will set the stage for easy, fluid and expansive movement. Visiting your own measure of being with your ordinary breathing will support and facilitate everyday better movement!

April 22, 2021      Moving into Presence

April 29, 2021      No class!

May 6, 2021

May 13, 202

May 19, 2021

May 27, 2021

Trager Movement and Self-care

 An Easing and Enlivening practice!

With Roger Hughes, TRAGER Practitioner and Instructor, LMT

40 minutes

$20 per class

Thursdays, 8am to 8:40am CST

Learn how it feels to move with grounded fluidity, postural expansiveness and in the pleasure of living more comfortably in your body. Roger’s voice and screen presence will guide you through Trager® Movements to train your brain into a pleasant and meaningful somatic process.


Some of what you can look forward to:

  • settling into your body’s anchor of rising balance

  • softening and dropping habituated patterns of stiffness and heaviness

  • developing a conscious comfort of living in your body

  • letting your posture do its job, effortlessly and effectively!

  • adopting patterns that are lighter, freer, natural and pleasurable

  • applying effective practices to tame the weight of rising tension


What have participants said about Roger’s online teachings:

“Loved the workshop today. Thanks so much Roger.”


“I did not know what to expect, but I was very pleased to find that it was quite easy to follow the directions, and so it was a successful experience for me.”


“Yes, I would do it again. Clearly Roger is knowledgeable in this technique and his leadership through the movements made me quite comfortable. Without question, my body responded in a positive way. I think this is a valuable tool, and yes, I would tell others about it. Thanks again”


Why register for this class you ask?

To move your body

To train your brain

To restore your liveliness

To calm your mind

To reconnect with yourself

To wake up

To feel lighter and freer

To nourish your soul

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