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 The Trager
Indications and Conditions
Neck and back pain
Acute and chronic pain
TMJ pain and disfunction 
Feelings of anxiety
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Post-surgery rehabilitation
Recovery from injury
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Trauma due to emotional and physical abuse
Stress management
Life-changing even
Palliative and Hospice
Neurological disorders
Post-polio syndrome
 Multiple sclerosis
 Conditions where movement and balance are challenging
Respiratory difficulties
Shallow breathing
Lung disease
Rib injury
Smoking cessation
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Trager® is unique in its approach to working with the body and mind. The process is guided by the practitioner's ability to empart a positive feeling experience to the client. Never is pain-producing touch used. The essence is to teach the client how to attain a more relaxed state in being. And, how they can recall this pleasant sense for themselves, ultimately so they can develop new habits that effectively dissolve tension before it evolves into discomfort, pain, mental strain or heaviness.
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General Benefits
Teaches you how to relax, effectively, at your own pace
Nourishes and helps develop self-awareness
Softens tight muscles and other contractile tissues in the body
Teaches you how to soften and drop stressed-induced tension when it arises
Develop ability to regularly return and inhabit a state of active relaxation  
Softens tight muscles and returns your structure to a normal resting tone
Arrive into your own easy and supported posture
Effectively dissolves stress-induced tension at the drop of a hat!
Supports the process of self-development
Unfolds patterns of compensation and re-enlivens weak muscles and their patterns
Deepens, softens and expands breathing
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