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About Roger
Roger was born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay. His Father worked as a Foreign Service officer for the United States Information Service. This afforded Roger the valuable opportunity of growing up and attending schools in Benin, Chad, Haiti and South Africa. He additionally lived in and attended schools in Washington DC, California and South Dakota.
 to repair a congenital condition known as a Coarctation of the Aorta. The successful procedure was performed by world known heart surgeon Dr. Michael Debakey. Ten years later in Haiti, Roger experienced a near death trauma as a result of a bicycle accident. Roger’s personal healing path has developed and evolved around these two life-giving/changing experiences. In order to pin-point the exact area of blockage in the aorta Roger received a catherization the day before surgery. An unexpected bi-product from that successful procedure left Roger’s right arm weakened from spasm to the main artery. Under the advice of Dr. Debakey Roger took up tennis at an early age as a way to strengthen his arm.
In his formal education Roger focused his attention in developing the skills needed to become a medical illustrator. As a prerequisite toward this goal, he attended and completed one semester of pre-med at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. After carefully considering his options and truer passion, he decided to pursue a path solely in Fine Art, as a painter. He continued his higher education in Fine Art at the University of Chicago’s Midway Studios and received an MFA in 1985.
After graduate school Roger persued his artistic passion as a painter and was over the course of 7 years represented by 3 Chicago art galleries. During this same period he started an art crating and expediting business catering to local, national and international galleries, museums and private collectors. This work was high-paced and labor intensive. Eventually because of a chronic back injury, Roger chose to leave his business behind and begin a studies in the healing arts.
In 1993 Roger enrolled into the professional certification program at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. This new direction re-ignited his earlier interest in working with the human body.
In 1998 Roger received a certification as a Dr. Vodder Therapist in manual lymph drainage and combined decongestive therapy. In 2002 he received another certification as a Trager practitioner, and in 2010 earned the status as a Trager Tutor. Both of these disciplines are gentle in touch and deeply relaxing to receive.
about roger hughes
about roger hughes
about roger hughes
Roger Hughes, 1962
‘Equatorial Panorama’ 72” x 84”,
oil on canvas, 1985.
about roger hughes
Anatomical study, Charcoal on paper,
39” x 24”, 1984.
about roger hughes
Trager Mentastics with wind-sock,
Vale, South Dakota, 2014
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