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Live more at Home in Your Body

In 1999 I attended an Introductory Workshop in the Trager Approach. There was  something about the simple beauty and effectiveness in what I witnessed, felt,  and what lingered inside me long after that day. Six months later I entered the Professional Trager Training Program!

More than 20 years later, Trager and its principles continues to change me and my client practice. I am passionately  and deeply rooted in the holistic principles of the Trager Approach, a pleasurable form of somatic movement education and therapy.


People seek my services for relief from pain, dis-ease, and from the heaviness of accumulated weights of tension. Trager movement and manual therapy softens and lightens areas of conscious tightness, restriction and equally the unconscious web of compensatory movement patterns. 

As a new client, you can look forward to arriving and settling into a safe and comfortable  space to explore how you would like to feel in your body.  In the collaborative process of your session, we will explore how supported movements and informing touch mindfully unravel deep seeded areas of tension. The cumulative effect in this holistic approach is most often reported as feeling lighter, calmer, peaceful, balanced, or feeling deeply connected to you, in your body. And very often simple joy is found underneath the layers of dissolved tension.

I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1995. For the first few years I practiced the art of massage therapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, etc. I could find 'pain' easily in any client's body. In the late 1990s my body was chronically complaining with back and neck  pain, and inside I was hurting. Receiving the work I was giving had no lasting positive outcome, and in fact I learned to understand, as time went on, it actually fed the pain patterns I was carrying around.

If you are looking for touch that teaches you how you can feel, and that can assist you in moving through life in grounded and fluid patterns, the Trager Approach may be worth experiencing at least once!

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