Trager Workshops
The Trager Approach®   NCBTMB#021518-00 Approved - 8 CE hours
A 1-Day Introductory Workshop for massage therapists and bodyworkers
Rapid City, SD, Jan. 17, 2016.  (9am to 6pm) - 8 CE hrs. - $165 tuition
The Trager Approach® is a form of movement education and mind body integration that uses gentle touch and supported movements to elicit a long-lasting and positive feeling experience. In this workshop we will practice the principles of effortless movement, weighing and supporting with self and with partner in a variety of contexts. As the body’s unconscious contractile forces soften, lengthen and expand the mind calms and gradually surrenders to the underlying pleasant feeling. Easy and playful movements help to integrate this positive state further anchoring it as a helpful habit! Is your body tired and sore of pushing against the same tense muscles week after week? Would you like to follow the path of no resistance..? The Trager Approach® might be just what you have been looking for!
Course Goals:
Expand your self-care practice
Cultivate positive self-awareness
Embody a feeling of ease and openness at the table and in your own life
Deepen the effectiveness as a giver (achieve more with less)
Learning Goals:
Weighing, sculpting, supporting
Elicit and receive meaningful feedback
Expand movement/sensing skills for self and other
The practice in recalling a positive feeling
Other included topics:
Milton Trager MD
The Trager® training track and what you will learn
Roger Hughes graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1995. In 2002 Roger received a certification as a Trager® Practitioner and in 2010 as a Trager Tutor. He has taught movement education and introductory workshops in Chicago, Kansas City, South Dakota and Ohio. Roger is also certified in the Dr. Vodder Method of manual lymph drainage (since 1998). Roger brings his sense of humor, passion and infectious curiosity to guide participants into pleasurable movement and a feeling of agelessness.
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“Roger makes the space a safe place to feel” - Kate Rose, International Trager® Instructor
“Your voice is beautifully clear and resonant, and your simple and even pacing reassuring” - Roger Tolle International Trager® Instructor
“Roger created an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation allowing us to take in so much. This was a fantastic and informative class. Roger is an excellent instructor and a phenomenal bodyworker.
Magic! I learned some useful techniques I can use in my practice."
”One of the best classes I’ve ever taken”“
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Registration FormA 1-Day Introductory Workshop for massage therapists and bodyworkers
Rapid City, SD, Jan. 17, 2016 (9am to 6pm) - 8 CE hrs. - $165 tuition
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Please fill out the above form and include a $165 check made out to Roger Hughes, and mail both to:Roger Hughes5220 South Greenwood AveChicago Il. 60615If this workshop is cancelled your registration payment will be fully refunded.