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TRAGER Movement 

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Online Weekly Thursday Class

 Move into Ease and  Enlivenment!

Train the Brain in Positive Neuroplasticity!

Move better
Feel better


with Roger Hughes Trager Practitioner and Instructor, Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist

Lifting the weight of anxiety

Thursday, July 1st,  8th and 15th, 8am CST

“This 3-part course is ideal for those who are looking for relief, space and a practical repertoire for taming symptoms or signs of feeling anxious in daily life. The last year and a-half has dropped another layer of weight and worry, doubt and bodily disconnection onto so many. The simple and safe approach of TRAGER, the principles and guided intentions speak to the brain’s SIMs or “safety in me” interpretations of the inner and outer world. Here we will begin to understand, practice and apply some the basic teachings that Dr. Milton Trager developed over a 65-year period that truly touched on repatterning the brain’s knee-jerk reaction to ordinary everyday life. Stay tuned!”

-Roger Hughes, TRAGER Instructor

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