"Expand your personal and professional development with TRAGER® Approach"

Level 1 is a six-day comprehensive training that consists of clear explanations, demonstrations and structured practices to explore, learn and embody the life-enhancing principles of Dr. Trager’s innovative approach to movement education and mind body integration. Self-care movement practices and hands-on table repertoires (supine and prone) are learned in an atmosphere Dr. Trager called “Hook up”, a state of open inquiry and mindfulness that cultivates the feeling information and embodiment of lightness, freedom and connection. This sensory-informed learning is a pleasurable experiential process in self-development and a potent and meaningful way to teach others how it feels to move and live in a freer, peaceful and more enlivened body!

Students will receive a copy of the Level 1 TRAGER® HANDBOOK. Level 1 is the first of three intensive training toward Practitioner Certification.

“Trager”, “Mentastics” and the Dancing Cloud logo are registered service marks of Trager International


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