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Manual Lymph Drainage
Indications and Conditions
Benefits and Supporting the immune response
Post- surgery healing:
Orthopedic, Joint/bone replacement reconstructive, cosmetic, plastic dentall, general surgery (including evacuation of anesthesia)
Lactic acid congestion, environmental and seasonal allergens, cleansing affects
Primary and secondary, m, ixed edemas, lipedema
  Soft and hard tissue injury:
  sprains, burns, bruising
hematomas, bone fractures, whiplash, scar tissue, keloids
Sinus and ear infection, swelling in extremities during pregnancy
Severe acne, Bells Palsy, diabetic ulcers, chronic constipation
  • Counters the Inflammatory Response as a result of its decongestive effects
  • Reduces swelling, edema and bruising.
  • Alleviates pain by removing chemical irritants away from pain receptors
  • Fights chronic sinus infections
  • Detoxifies the tissues Minimizes scar tissue formation by interrupting the accumulation and stagnation of metabolic wastes, excess water, large protein molecules, and foreign substances from the tissues
  • Stimulates the Relaxation Response as a result of its gentle and rhythmic touch
  • Supports the immune system by enhancing the natural function of the lymphatic system, i.e. increases the 'lymph obligatory-load'.
  • Increases the amount and rate in which lymph moves through the vast network of vessels and nodes.
  • Shortens the healing process following injury, surgery, and other types of trauma Assists in restoring peristaltic movement in cases of chronic constipation​Insures more healthful transition between seasons
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